• Person’s Name: Avarice Saider
  • Person’s Age: Thirteen
  • Person's Gender: Female
  • Person’s History: An orphaned girl, ever since she was born. Her father has been long-time dead and her mother died shortly after she was born. Not much is known about her.
  • Personality Quirks: Avarice is a kind natured girl, but when it comes to something she would want she’ll stop at nothing to get it.
  • Clothing Style: Avarice wears black stretch jeans, and a white top under a makeshift fur cloak.

Avarice's Totem

  • Totem’s Name: Taelos
  • Totem’s “Race”: Dragon
  • Totem's Gender: Male
  • Totem’s Element: Fire

RP Details

  • RP: Totem RP
  • Creator/Player: Amaranthine Ali