Jeremy CornwallEdit

Name: Jeremy Cornwall

Species: Human
JBYaM Jeremy

Sub-species: N/A

Gender: M

Age: 28

Description: Tall with Dark brown Hair and Blue Eyes, Jeremy could be called handsome, but is usually referred o as average. He wears custom tailored suits to show his rich background and enjoys wearing Fedora's as he thinks they make him look good, something that is up for debate.

Goal/Occupation: Investment Banker. Become largest Investment company in the city, perhaps country or world.

Personality: Driven. He is driven to make as much money for his clients as possible, since this means he will make a large amount of money as well. He is indifferent towards the hybrids, since a large amount of his clients become invested in the Brothel industry due to it's popularity.

History: Born into a rich family, Jeremy was set on the fast track for a good life. He took many classes that advanced him towards his current career, allowing him to become a banker at the age of 22. He has his own investment firm and believes strongly in diversification, but also believes that the brothels are the best place for an investment to go as they have great dividends and the market seems to be growing. He hires a few bodyguards to protect himself and his top 2 employees. He is romantically involved with his bodyguard although he has a wife. He is married to a young lady named, Eliza, and has a 2 year old son named, Jeffery. She is pregnant again, seven months, and they are hoping this time it is a girl, little does he know.... He has never had contact with a hybrid, at least that he knows of. He doesn't go to the brothels as that would defeat the point of believing the hybrids are inhuman.


  • CREATED/PLAYED BY: counterfeitself